New Tennants

New year, new career - and with our new tenant?

New tenant, EFM, has got the year off to a great start by announcing its 2015 schedule of discovery events. EFM provides financial management services to businesses on a pay as you go basis and through a UK wide network of financial professionals. Their portfolio finance directors, financial controllers and bookkeepers work for several businesses at the same time on a part time basis.

Business's requiring EFM services can book as much or as little expert advice as they need - and change their arrangements over time as they grow or approach a transaction. Typically the EFM team work alongside current staff but can also deliver the services of an entire finance function through an outsourced service team.

Finance professionals wishing to investigate a portfolio career with EFM can do so by booking onto a discovery event (Luton events take place in AW House's conference facilities), or if candidates prefer, a private meeting can be arranged.

Tel: 01582 256030

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